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Video Analysis in School Cricket Training

Using sportscode’s gamebreaker during cricket nets has proven a hit with pupils during nets sessions.


We have a camera on tripod set up behind the bowlers. The camera is attached to a macbook pro via a 10m firewire cable. Once pupils have finished batting they code/tag their performance for positive shots and negative shots. They instantly are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses and can be helped by myself or their peers to remedy their faults.

This form of peer evaluation enhances the key skills of communication, ICT and problem solving. It also develops cross curricular links with ICT and maths as pupils are able to produce simple graphs of their innings stats. e.g. number of positive front foot shots, number of negative back foot shots, number of play and misses etc.

Not only is their performance improved but also their analysis skills. This is particularly useful for older pupils who are following GCSE, A Level or BTEC Physical Education.

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