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Research informed Practice in PE

Using research informed ideas within my teaching has always been something I have tried to do however it can be difficult to access research material unless you are directly involved in academic work through a university. I feel as teachers we should be aware of what current research is suggesting about Physical Education. The Association for PE do provide a termly publication for their members called “Physical Education Matters” which has many ideas, some of which are research based to inspire and enhance delivery of the subject. For an additional cost they also offer the journal “Physcial Education and Sport Pedagogy

However if you like me are looking for a free option!! You must check out Dr Ashley Casey’s (@DrAshCasey) blog  where he is  undergoing a major project, reviewing a research paper a week from the 98 published in “The Major Theme’s in Physical Education” book edited by Professor David Kirk. This really is narrowing the gap between research and practice and can stimulate some excellent discussion from around the globe. This insight into what research tells us about our subject has certainly helped me to reflect upon my own practice and I am grateful to him for the work he is putting into this blog.