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Rugby Union & Cricket Learning Resources

As part of my ongoing project with the Welsh National Grid for Learning I have developed online learning resources for Rugby and Cricket. They include video and still image footage showing the key teaching and learning points for many skills used within the sports. Ideal for students to access before and after lessons/sessions to enhance their learning and development. Click here to go to my school’s PE website to view them. A Netball resource will appear soon.


New Football Resources FREE

I’ve recently posted some new football resources on my website: http://www.blainconsultancy.com/Services_PaperBasedResources.html

Firstly, take a look at a match day template for illustrating your team and set play moves you may have. This is ideally used by printing and laminating so it can be written on with a whiteboard marker and wiped clean then re-used.

The second free resources available are the football role information sheets. These have a detailed analysis of each individual position within the common 4.4.2 football formation. These are ideal for use in schools if teaching positioning and/or tactics and also with youth players to enhance their understanding of what is required in different positions. They will also help any new coaches who are looking to enhance their own knowledge and understanding.

I’ll be posting new resources soon, both for education and sport.