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iPad Workflow’s in PE – Edmodo & Google Drive

From working individually with the iPad and using class sets I have come to realise the importance of having good workflow’s for exporting work from various apps to a central resource that can be shared with a variety of individuals. For this I use two tools, namely Edmodo and Google Drive


A while back I posted on workflow’s for using Edmodo with coacheseye  as a way of students exporting work from the iPad at the end of lessons so that it can be accessed in the future by the student, their peers and/or teacher. For individuals who do not use Edmodo, it is now possible to export from a range of apps straight into Edmodo or via the photo roll. This is a great feature for schools that have class sets of iPads/iPods as students can now upload their work somewhere at the end of lessons. Student created Keynote’s, Comic Life creations or Pages publications can now be submitted for assessment by teacher or peers or kept for future reference.

Google Drive

In addition to Edmodo I have also been using Google Drive as a storage option to keep a variety of files organised. The Google Drive iPad app allows you to upload documents easily from your photo roll (I posted here on how we used it within my department to capture good practice) or you can send to google drive directly from many apps. The department has a shared folder within Google Drive which has many sub-folders which all members can contribute to and thus allows documents to be accessed from anywhere at anytime on a variety of platforms.

I have been using Google Drive for administrative and departmental tasks and Edmodo when working with the students however students could upload their work on Google drive also if school’s have the Google apps for Education suite and students have Gmail accounts.

Either way, both tools allow the mobile nature of the iPad to be used to it’s full potential for teachers and students within Physical Education.


Technology in Physical Education

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been presenting on our use of technology within Physical Education. I decided to use a diagram approach to my presentation then discuss each element and its use. Here’s the main slide from the presentation showing the tools we currently use within our subject.

Over the next few weeks I’ll try to post on how we currently use each tool.

It’ll be great to hear some ideas of how others are using these tools within education and also of any other tools that might be worth integrating into our programme.

Ipad Apps for Physical Education

In preparation for having some iPads at our disposal next term I’ve done some research into available apps and possible uses within Physical Education. I have only managed to trial free ones so far but will be purchasing some paid apps in Sept. In order to avoid wasting any money come September I’ve compiled a list from searching the app store and thinking through certain uses. It is by no-means exhaustive and as such please feel free to supplement the list and add any comments.

List of iPad apps

lessons for iPad – make flash cards/quizzes… (£5.99)

imuscle – allows users to identify and zoom into specific muscles in the body and shows exercises associated with building up that muscle (£1.19)

anxiety stop watch – app for managing anxiety. Good for A Level Sport Psychology when looking at mental preparation for sport (5.99)

iMC Calc for iPad (BMI Calculator) – useful when learning about BMI (£1.19)

1000 Exercises by Men’s Health & Women’s Health – training resources, workout creator, videos, ability to log training (£3.49)

BMI & Body fat Calculator – (Free)

CaloryGuard HD – calorie counting/tracking app (£2.39)

Go Meals HD – lots of nutritional information including calories & % carbs/fats/protein (Free)

WebMD for iPad – check symptoms, access drug & treatment info, get 1st aid essentials (Free)

MyNetDiary – food & exercise diary for iPad (£5.99)

Nutritional Facts for iPad – (£3.99)

Breathing Zone – Breathing exercises for relaxing-Sport Psychology (£1.19)

Memory App – useful when looking at Memory/Information Processinf in skill acquisition (A Level) (£0.59)


Easytag – code/tag aspects of lessons/matches-excellent for setting targets within lessons. It is a flexible tool which can record statistical data on anything-from the number of times an individual touches the ball in a football match to the number of times someone sprints in a lesson

SIX – New generation Batting – cricket batting coaching tool (£3.49)

ScreenChalk – allows you to draw on top of any video – performance analysis (£2.99) ***

PlaybookSoccer – create animated plays and replay in slow motion or real time (£3.99) ***

Score Keeper HD – keep score of any activity (£0.59)

iPlayBook Basketball – create images of plays in full or half court basketball (£1.19)

TennisMatte, FootballMatte, NetballMat, RugbyMat, FieldHocketMat, VolleyballMat – pitch for drawing plays on (£0.59 each)

Soccer Clipboard HD/Basketball Clipboard HD – tool for creating plays-image only (£0.59 each)

SportsBoard – create plays for a number of sports (£1.19)

Soccer Attack for iPad – attacking drills for football (£0.59)

CoachBoard – whiteboard app-football, basketball, ice hockey, american football (£2.39)

iCoach Soccer – track lineups, whiteboarding plays, select various formations (£2.99)

General Learning

Pages – for any form of word processing and document creation

Numbers – creating spreadsheets/graphs. e.g. for heart rate responses to different exercise intensities

Keynote – to create presentations – e.g. pupils create short presentations on skills learnt within PE

iCardSort – card sorting app which allows cards to be created and then sorted into order or groups

QuickVoice – simple sound recorder-great for students to log thoughts during lessons