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Agility Sessions for Pre-season Football

With the new season approaching and pre-season training underway I’ve found myself going through sessions in my head whilst running! Having taken part in many sessions-some so un-specific to football I’m left wondering what is the point?! This has led me to devise an agility session which I think is as specific as they come (in relation to developing agility/agility endurance for football).

Here’s the  Agility_session I came up with for personal use during pre-season. It involves an initial set-up of cones and allows for many modifications when training. I aimed to make the session as specific as possible to football by including a variety of changes of direction. I also modify sets, reps and recovery periods to develop different components of fitness. For pure agility/speed/acceleration I allow greater recovery time and work at maximal. I also use it to work my muscular endurance/agility endurance and lactic acid energy system by working for longer, resting for less etc.

I also aim to integrate the session into my teaching with my GCSE students when delivering the “principles of training” (Specificity, Progression, Overload, Reversibility, Tedium). I plan on letting them try the session, modify it to make it more specific to their sport, then as homework comment on a wallwisher wall relating the principles of training to the session.

As always I welcome any comments.