Twitter – @DylanBlain:

  • Sport & Exercise Science Graduate from the University of Bath
  • PGCE (Secondary) Physical Education (PE) from University of Wales, Institute, Cardiff (UWIC)
  • Physical Education (PE) Teacher in South Wales, UK

Love technology in PE & Sport

Should write more here!!!


4 responses to “About

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  2. Hello:
    I teach Health & PE in the United States and am looking for more Lessons developed for the new Essential Standards of Common Core Assessments. I believe the UK has already developed these. Please feel free to share! Your site is very helpful as I am trying to implement technology in PE classes.

  3. Hi,

    I can’t seem to find your email and have a quick question about your blog. Could you email me?


  4. Hi

    I have just read a post on your blog entitled ‘Research informed Practice in PE’ and thought it would be relevant to make you aware of a white paper ESP have released regarding the positive effects of multi-skills and the considerable increase in the physical engagement of children during PE lessons.

    The independent research carried out by some of the countries top universities confirmed a 19% increase in the physical activity levels of children across all schools in South Essex.

    The research report can be found at http://www.espplay.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/JMU-White-Paper-artwork.pdf

    We would be very interested in sharing this information for inclusion on your blog. We welcome any questions in order to assist you, should you decide to create a post on multi-skills. I look forward to your response.

    Matt Heap

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