iPads/iPods in PE – Practical Workflow with Edmodo

Yesterday I participated in EdmodoCon 2012 (Edmodo’s annual conference). The online conference had a large number of sessions spread over a full day from a number of contributors. I dipped in and out of the conference all day but a session on using Edmodo and iPads in the classroom from Jason Buck (@jasonhbuck), Matt Tobin (@mattytobin) and Matt Spears (@matthewIspears) really got me thinking how powerful combining Edmodo with the iPad or iPod touch could be within PE. In this blog post I’ll give my current thoughts and a workflow idea I’m looking to implement in the new term.

Edmodo can be thought of as a social media interface specifically devised for education. Teachers can create groups for classes, set assignments, upload quizzes, polls and a wide variety of files for students to access. Students can sign up and join groups (once they have a joining code) and participate in the tasks or discussions on going. These tools alone have large scope within PE, especially for examination classes.

The features which excited me yesterday however were to do with the iPad/iPod touch app. The mobile nature of these devices make them ideal for use in PE. The camera feature in combination with apps such as CoachsEye allow students to capture and analyse footage instantly providing meaningful feedback with video evidence. This not only helps students develop their physical skills but also wider skills such as communication & technological.

Much of my previous uses of iPads in PE have involved using the camera feature with @CoachsEye on a lesson by lesson basis. Transferring footage from the devices to a central base for students to access at anytime, anywhere for future evidence or further work has been an issue. Edmodo has now become a solution to this. Once students have captured their footage and done their analysis on @CoachsEye they can export it to the devices photo roll and then upload it to their Edmodo library via the Edmodo app. This can allow a portfolio of evidence to be gathered or further work to be undertaken on the video.

Workflow (for ipod touch)

1. Capture footage using just the camera or @CoachsEye app.

2. Export footage to device’s photo roll

3. Open Edmodo app

4. Click Library icon

5. Click add icon (top right corner) to open the add screen. From here click album to open your photo roll. Alternatively you could open the camera and capturestraight into edmodo.

6. Video/Photo is now in the students library and exported from the device.

7. You should ensure students delete any footage no longer required from the device to save space, and also that they sign out of their edmodo accounts as they will remain logged in.

If students are using iPads they will be able to write a post and attach their video so all the group (created by teacher) can see. This can also be done from a laptop or PC.

One idea I had for using this workflow was with my GCSE PE group during the fitness testing unit. I plan to get students to create video protocols for each test (a how to… video for agility, power tests…). Once completed these could be uploaded to their Edmodo and shared. Once shared groups can assess other groups videos ensuring they have the correct protocols.

I think the combination of Edmodo and the iPad/iPod touch can be invaluable for PE. It can allow students to capture, analyse and export work anywhere and at anytime.

I’d love to hear if anyone else is using or planning to use this set up or something similar. Comments welcome…


19 responses to “iPads/iPods in PE – Practical Workflow with Edmodo

  1. Excellent step by step guide Dylan. Lots of potential outside of PE too 🙂

  2. Great extension from the onboard video analysis.

  3. I think that this is a very smart way to integrate mobile technologies & their apps into PE, as it doesn’t take away from the instructional/active time and actually serves a very valuable purpose (saving data for assessment/portfolio purposes). Very interesting.

  4. Blake kampen @mrkampen

    Awesome article, although ive found when uploading a video straight into edmodo by attaching to a post there seems to be no audio. Maybe im doing something wrong? Ive used it this week for students to explain and demonstrate teahing points of AFL handball and kick and for touch rugby explaining and demonstrating (and sharing) touch rules and umpiring signals. cheers @mrkampen

  5. I am the assistant softball coach at a high school in Mobile and we have just gotten a team iPad for keeping score and the girl’s stats. I have never heard of CoachsEye but I am intrigued by what you have said in this blog and we may have to give it a whirl, especially the videoing feature. I know our girl’s would be able to understand what we’re asking them to do it we were able to video them and view and critique them instantly. Aside for that, being able to upload to Edmodo for the team to be able to watch themselves away from the field and coaches could be extremely beneficial! We may have to look into this during the season!! I am also seeking my degree in education to be a math teacher and I really think it would be useful for students to be able to go back and watch the class or lessons that they missed or didn’t fully understand. Thank you for introducing these apps to me.

  6. I think this is really a great idea. I’m currently an elementary education major at the University of South Alabama and we’ve been looking at several ways to implement technology within the classroom. However, none of these were linked to PE. More ideas like this would be great. Thanks for introducing the idea.

  7. I think Edmodo is a great idea. This allow the students to be in touch with classes and assignments wherever they go.

  8. I am new to Edmodo, thank you for introducing it to me it looks like a great sight with endless information. Using Edmodo with an iPad/iPod touch sounds like a great way to incorporate technology into the PE classroom. One problem I have is that our school has a policy that the students are not suppose to bring their iPods to school, so I would have to make sure I have access in my classroom or see if there is any kind of acception that can be made for my class. Any specific suggestions for using it in PE, with third through fifth graders? I can’t wait to try using it with Coach’s Eye. I think these two together will open many doors in my classroom and create meaningful feedback for the students.

  9. I am a student from the University of South Alabama. The idea of using Edmodo in physical education is interesting. The ability for a team or an individual to go back and see themselves on video is great. This app, Coach’s eye could be a help for coaches or teachers. Online portfolios are an important way to see progress, or improvement for a team, coach or individual.

  10. Stephen Alexander

    You did a amazing job on explaining this. I think this is a great tool that can be used in any sport. It allows the kids to be able to see what they did and as coaches we are able to point out what was good and what was bad. Thank you for sharing about this.

  11. Hello,

    I have a question about your blog, could you please email me? Thanks!!


  12. Hello, my name is Angela and I am a student at The University of South Alabama in EDM 310. I really enjoyed this blog post! It is really helpful to me and such a great tool to use in the classroom as well as in PE or with any sports. I am very eager to use this in my future classroom. Feel free to email me ang.vanvliet@gmail.com
    Goodluck implementing this into your curriculum. I will be sure to keep up with your blog.


  13. This is interesting to me. The college I’m currently attending requires all physical education majors to buy an iPad because they said we would use them in class and use them when we went out and got a job. So far we haven’t really used them in class. We went over how we could use coaches eye and that could be really useful. I have never heard of Edmondo but I will check it out.

  14. I am a student at the University of South Alabama and in my educational media 310 class we are learning how to incorporate technology into the classroom. I have previously researched all of the opportunities of Edmodo and using iPads and iPods to further this resource is an awesome idea. I’m not a Physical Education major but I do believe that I can use this idea in some way in my future History class.

  15. Hey Mr. Blain,
    I am a student at the University of South Alabama in EDM310. I was giving your blog as an assignment to read and comment on. First off I think this post is great. I am a Physical Education major and one thing I battle with is how technology can be used in PE. Before reading this blog I have never heard of Edmodo but I see now it can be a great tool. I have been hearing about this app coaches eye a lot lately and I too believe that it can be a great app to use in teaching and correcting skills. Again great post hope to read more.

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  17. Abraham Trevino

    I agree that this is a great idea and can help with learning as well as make it to easy to record and upload footage to the app instantly!!!

  18. This seems like a great way to use technology in a physical education classroom. I have used Edmodo in a peer teaching lesson in a health class, but never realized all of the features and how it could be used in a physical education class. Keeping this in mind as I head to student teaching next semester, thanks!

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