Using Google Docs in Physical Education

The ability to have several inputs into the same document via google docs has fantastic uses within PE. Here’s a few I’ve used recently which might be of interest.

I’m currently delivering a fitness testing unit to my GCSE students and through creating a google spreadsheet, all students are able to input test results into the class document. In a gym or sportshall environment, students have conducted several tests with a laptop or handheld device at each station. As they complete a test, scores are inputted to the google spreadsheet. This is projected on a screen so students can monitor their and their peers progress.

Secondly, in a recent open evening we used a google spreadsheet to record various challenge results within our gym. (e.g. 100m row on cencept 2 rower) Projecting these results on screen allowed parents and prospective students to view who’d been involved so far and gave the pupils a sense of satisfaction of seeing their scores broadcasted if they wished.

Finally, heart rate data can be collected in a spreadsheet and graphed accordingly during various intensities of exercise. This practical approach to monitoring changes in heart rate during exercise allows students to input their own data and view the class graph for this as exercise is taking place

As always it’d be great to hear what people think and gain some further ideas of how google docs could be integrated in education


4 responses to “Using Google Docs in Physical Education

  1. Great minds think alike, Google Docs in PE is superb. Heres an activity I did a few years back with heart rate

  2. I have started a page to try and get teachers to build caches through google docs for geocaching.
    I like the idea of having teachers give back and share. Love your ideas!

  3. Hi,

    I’ve recently done a bit of school CPD in this area and was wonderng if you’d be willing to pass on more info regarding this post eg. what other tests did you do, what, if any reference did you use to allow the class to compare their 100m row results?

    • Thanks for the comment. Haven’t pushed the students to compare results as yet only to look at past & present scores. For this I put get them to look at their own results, set targets for improvement, help them with training before a re-test. This all fits well with the GCSE theory work and also the fact that many offer circuit training as a practical activity.

      In terms of some of the challenges we have in our gym (I.e 100m row), here’s a few more we use: 3 & 5 pull challenge on rower, 500m & 1000m rows. 1,2, 5 & 10 lap runs. Consecutive rope climbs in a minute, rope hold/hangs. Staff & students are coming up with new ones all the time.

      Be great to hear what you’ve been doing with google & other tech too


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