Using Video Analysis Software to measure Flexibility

When teaching flexibility at A Level (post 16), I decided to use the video analysis software package Sportscode Gamebreaker to measure flexibility at certain joints. Using the built in isight camera on the Macbooks students measured joint angles using the measuring angles feature on the software.

We then discussed individual differences in range of motion at the hip and shoulder to learn the variety of factors which affect flexibility. This provided an excellent way for students to learn about how to measure flexibility using Goniometry, with the latest technology.


4 responses to “Using Video Analysis Software to measure Flexibility

  1. Excellent use of video analysis. Will have to check this program out for myself. Cheers

  2. Nice use of video analysis, I hadn’t thought of this approach. For those whose institutions can’t afford top end software a similar outcome can be achieved through most free graphics programs. I often use GIMP for measurement of angles myself.

    Cheers for the idea.

  3. Hi!! I`m doing my thesis for a master degree and I mesure de ROM with a video analysis software, but i nid information about other studie that have mesure range of motion with video… How can I get more infomation abut your research.
    Than you.

    • Hi Karen,

      I only use the software to teach the students about flexility as a topic at post 16 study. We used the software to measure flexibility of the group then discuss differences. This is in prep for their examinations. I’m afraid I know very little about using video analysis to measure ROM at a research level- other than what I’ve done here. I would say that knowing where to place the markers on the body is an issue that needs to be addressed to ensure reliability when measuring.

      Good luck with your studies

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