Making some Time….

In my attempt to improve my teaching and student learning within my lessons by using technology I have constantly found time a barrier. I am not alone in this, as many of my department have said similar things. I have always said that the only barriers to effectively integrating technology in education is time and money.

At a recent departmental meeting we were unanimous in our desire to move forward as a department to ensure we are providing the best and most enjoyable experiences possible within Physical Education. However with ideas buzzing around we were constantly returning to “if only we had some more time”. In an attempt to overcome this we have decided to put together a plan to take to our senior management team with the hope of freeing up some time to develop the department. The following is the “using ICT” extract from that plan. I’d welcome any ideas/comments to add to this plan-so feel free.

ICT Development Plan

The department has moved forward significantly in this area and now needs to formalise its use of the technology within the subject to maximise student development and enjoyment of the subject. The following are areas that need to be addressed to ensure that current technologies are used to their best capabilities and also to ensure the department continues to move forward with the aim of becoming a sector leader in the use of technology in PE.

Staff Training

To enable all staff to maximise current technological developments to enhance pupil learning at all levels. To include use of:

  • iPads in lessons
  • projector setup in gym
  • camera/laptop setup in gym
  • class/pupil blogs
  • department website
  • video analysis
  • heart rate monitors

Scheme’s of Work

Develop ideas for integrating current & future technological developments (see above list) into schemes of work at all key stages

Resource Development

  • Develop resources to aid in the integration of technology into schemes of work.
  • Develop resources utilising QR codes (new barcode technology available on smartphones)
  • Re-design computerised pupil profiles currently being used with year 7 to make more practical for use.

Department Web-site

  • Develop a way of updating more regularly & make more interactive to develop learning at all levels
  • Create video of facilities to display on web-site

Student Voice

Devise online listening to learners questionnaire to gain greater insight into student perceptions of Curricular & Extra-Curricular Physical Education at our school


  • Continue to trial at A2 & AS Level. If successful roll out to GCSE/BTEC with class blog first then individual blogs
  • Staff training needed first then roll out to pupils

Staff Laptops

Currently not practical for taking registers due to battery life/charging issues & mobility. ipads have been successfully trialed by GJE and work well in all areas that have WiFi (Gym is an exception that needs resolving). iPads for all department members is next step.

Future Development Ideas

  • Ipod touches (purchase set) – use of video cameras for instant feedback, apps for learning, QR code readers,
  • Wii fit balance board-integrate use of simulation products as part of new fitness suite. This could also be used to support delivery of many topics at GCSE, BTEC & A Level



4 responses to “Making some Time….

  1. As always I am impressed with the way in which you, your department and your school address and develop the idea of using technology meaningfully to enhance student learning and student experience. With this in mind I would suggest that you use the comments and data that you have available from the students on how the technology has enhanced their learning. My experience is that this is the currency that open the school’s coffers rather than the need for continued staff development to develop teaching – learning over teaching. I think if you foregrounded student learning and the enhanced student experience you have engendered then you have a greater chance of gaining the support of the school leadership team. Good luck and I hope this helps.

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  3. Hi there!
    I am student of PE Teacher in Catolica del Maule University, Chile.
    In first place, i want to thank for the blog, is so interesting learn about the new tecnologies in the P.E Area. A post that really liked me was that about Ipad Appz, because i have one and will be cool get the appz. I think is very special for every P.E Teacher read your post, so i hope you continue with your blog and keep posting new information.
    Great Work!


    PD: Sorry for my english =p, in Chile we speak Spanish, so i’m learning!

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