Using Technology in Physical Education-a half term report

As a means of gathering my thoughts after what was a manic 1st half term back in school I write this post somewhat recharged and ready to return. I wanted to reflect on what technology I have integrated into my teaching last term and set some targets on uses next term, so here goes…


At A/S and A2 Level apps such as MB anatomy and iFitness have been excellent in allowing students to navigate and learn the skeletal and muscular systems. This has proved popular with many students using them in their free time. In addition to the motivational value added by the tech they are also extremely fast research tools as there is not boot up and log in time. One issue that has arisen is that they continually ask for student log in details so they have to re-enter quite often. More of a pain than anything. Their portability has also allowed us to take them into the gym where students have used the iFitness app to research activities to do when devising circuits. The app allows activities to be searched for by equipment or muscle group allowing me to split students into groups and provide them with specifics to work on so we end up with a variety of different activities, working different parts of the body.

We have also started using to save work (e.g. information sheets, presentations) from the iPads so it can be worked on at a later time on a different iPad or on a macbook. The next software update will apparently allow us to print from the iPads.

Macbook Pro/Macbooks

Having a set of macbooks available has been great for 6th form students to come and use in their frees. Our BTEC students have benefited greatly from this when preparing assignments. It has also been great this year that other members of the department have started using the macbooks to create video highlights of matches which have been displayed around school. Creating highlights can be a time consuming process and with my increased timetable this year has been something I have struggled to find time for. The schools video analysis/media team have taken over here, and having greater resources for them has meant they have been able to take this over with guidance here and there.

We’ve also created a wireless network with all the ipads and macbooks with a external hard drive attached, meaning we can access files from the macbooks anywhere (i.e. sportshall). To open videos on the iPads however, they must be uploaded onto the itunes account. Next term I aim to upload some exemplar footage from a variety of sports as reference material for students in lessons. I also want to get examination students to create footage of training activities that we could upload so younger students  can use to enhance their performance.

Student Blogs

The A Level student blogs have not been used this term. I have not pushed them as I have been reluctant to allocate lesson time to them. Looking back I should have set some homework tasks to be posted on their blogs. I aim to do this next term and also get my A\S class up and running.

School Media & Video Analysis Teams

Teams of students have been involved in filming many sporting events and creating highlight reels for displaying in school.

Assessment for Learning

This has become a focus for the school and as a department we have decided to create pupil profiles within powerpoint for students in year 7. They were introduced to these profiles in a PE lesson-which didn’t sit well with me (going into an IT room for a PE lesson!) however now that students are up and running they will maintain them in PSHE lessons from now on. This process allows students to evaluate their progress within the subject providing them with pupil friendly criteria for what they need to do to develop in the different activities. We’ll see how this develops!

Web Site

More lesson notes have been posted for students to access as well as syllabuses for examination courses. Other departmental staff have expressed an interest in posting work online however this has yet to take off.

Video Analysis

The ability to record, annotate and slow mo different clips has been invaluable when delivering Anatomy & Physiology to my A/S group. We’ve analysed many activities from press ups to rowing, looking in detail at the movements occuring and muscles working at various joints. Integrating theory work into practical activities has proven popular.

Next Term…

Add clips to iTunes – so students can access on ipads/macbooks anywhere

Web site – Find a more effective way to maintain department website and also get school media team involved in reporting on school events online. I also want to add a form for students to complete for us to do get some student voice input into the department. I aim to create the form with a group of senior students with the aim of improving participation in extra curricular activities run within school (not just the PE department)

Think of ways of enhancing the use of video analysis in lessons (Sportscode Gamebraeker) starting with using instant replays


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