New School Year Education Technologies Resolutions

On reading what @colport wrote on his blog it got me thinking of what tech i’d use with my classes next year. Here’s what I came up with:

1. iPads

We’re lucky in that the school will have 5 iPads ready for use next year!! After I’ve got over my initial excitement I’m aiming to implement them initially with my examination classes. Having mobile technologies available in PE will be invaluable as we can use them in a number of different learning environments (Gym, Field, Classroom). My current ideas are to use them to log training sessions using apps such as Flex workout log or Fitness log. Monitoring heart rates during different intensities of exercise using numbers for iPad-this will allow the class to create graphs instantly, for evaluations. I will also look at the possibility of using spreadsheets within google docs for this, to allow further collaboration. Apps such as Navy SEAL physical fitness apps would help students learn what exercises work certain muscles at GCSE and A Level, and also provide an instant resources for those who want to train but are unsure of what exercises to do.

2. Blogs

I’ll continue with my use of blogs with A Level students as a means for allowing them opportunities to publish work and collaborate on certain topics. Progress with the blogs has been slightly frustrating towards the end of term due to so many different activities going on in school and students being away from lessons. I aim to extend their use by getting pupils to collaborate with students from other schools, hopefully overseas.

3. Google Docs

Hopefully my school is turning to google to provide students with email addresses. This will open up the use of google docs and the collaboration they offer.  As mentioned earlier-live input of heart rate information during training sessions is one way I’ll look to integrate this into the classroom/gym.

4. Prezi

Prezi’s greater use of motion and non-linear presentation format make it appear an excellent tool for introducing and explaining certain topics. As yet I have not used it, however I have signed up for an account and aim to start by doing an introduction to A Level PE to embed on my departments web site.

5. Wallwisher

I’ve started using it with my A Level students however as always was left frustrated after finding it was blocked in school! Hopefully this won’t be the case next term. I see it as an excellent tool for gathering student ideas on certain topics-it could form an excellent starter activity at GCSE and A Level by looking at students posts and getting them to discuss their ideas.

6. Youtube

Getting a department youtube channel up and running and using it to post footage from school matches created by the school’s media team. These could be embedded onto the school’s website-definitely something I’d like to do to celebrate the sporting successes of our students.


3 responses to “New School Year Education Technologies Resolutions

  1. Hi Dylan,

    These sound like great ideas. The opportunities that you are creating for your students to learn about physical education through an appropriate medium is fantastic. I take my hat off to your school for having the vision to support such innovative work. It would be great to hear more about this as you go and maybe use you as a role-model of other technology minded phys ed teachers. WTG.

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  3. Why users still use to read news papers when in this technological world the whole thing is
    available on web?

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