Blogs in A Level PE (Week 1 Reflection)

A week in and my A Level students are beginning to develop their use of their new blogs. I’ve set them an initial performance analysis task and most have completed part one of the task-team/individual sports analysis. With the World Cup going on, many have enjoyed this task. Although some of the analysis is not as thorough as it could be-most have made a good start. I have initiated some discussion on some blogs and am trying to encourage them to comment and discuss on each others work. This is very much in its infancy however is something that will be important if these blogs are going to have a large impact on learning. A major aim of the blogs is to get pupils reflecting on work we are covering in class and comment and discussion is central to this. I also aim to post questions on my blog and get students to post questions on theirs. Students will then have to answer via comment.

One area that has become apparent is the wide range of ICT skills within the class. This has become clear as those with sound skills were able to learn how to work the dashboard quickly meaning they were able to post work straight away. Others have found it more difficult and have yet to post work online. In an initial attempt to solve this I am aiming to pair students off so stronger students can ‘coach’ those who feel less confident using the tools. I am also encouraging students to develop their own skills by solving their problems themselves through researching online.

With 1 week gone 9/16 students have kicked off their blogs by organising links, posting work and commenting on others work. The others have played with themes but are yet to post their first work. Only 2 students have joined discussion by commenting on blogs.

I have also had initial training sessions with 2 members of my department who were very enthusiastic about the use of blogs. It’s great to have a department interest in their uses. Students are continually being reminded about their blogs and can access material from different staff. Next week staff will be allocated a group of student blogs to monitor-cutting the workload and providing more time for staff to initiate discussion with groups of students.

Next week I’m introducing the use video cameras & editing via Windows Moviemaker for part 2 of their performance analysis task. Here they have to create video skill analysis from their chosen sport. The plan is to post videos on our school youtube page and they can then embed videos into their blogs.

You can access all student and staff blogs by clicking here


3 responses to “Blogs in A Level PE (Week 1 Reflection)

  1. Shane Roberts

    Dylan, sounds like this is working out well, and in fact a great way to build an ePortfolio. Would be great if we could connect our classes and have them commenting on each others blogs. I’ve used this process in my Health Ed classes, and we even complete and exam in both HE and PE that is a blog series.

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