Using Interactive Learning Resources in PE

(View them at by clicking resources)

The learning resources created are aimed at enhancing pupil learning by providing them with video footage and annotated coaching points of various skills in real time and slow motion. Each skill covered also has a learning outcome at the top of the page and annotated still images below the video. This provides pupils with a clear and concise mental image of the skill, whilst also explaining the key points when performing. The resources are aimed at developing the basic skills within each sport. Currently you can view resources for Rugby Union and Cricket. Netball is currently being produced with Football to then follow.

Examples of Uses

Year 8 Rugby

I have used the Rugby Resource at the start of lessons in the changing room by displaying them on a whiteboard with a mobile projector. The videos played whilst pupils were changing, meaning an early focus on what is to be done in the lesson was gained. Also those who are changed quickly have an instant task whilst waiting for others. I then present the learning outcome to pupils before going through the coaching points of the skill using the still photographs below each video. This gave the pupils a clear mental image of what they are aiming to achieve by the end of the lesson.

Using the resources this way does however require a mobile projector, a laptop connected to the internet and a white wall or board to display the projector on. If these are not available I have also set the pupils the task of viewing the resources prior to and post lessons to reinforce the points made in lessons. This can save time when explaining key points as many have a grasp of them already. It also allows for better peer evaluation within the lesson. Pupils were able to provide better feedback on technique to each other as they had a sound grasp of the key teaching points prior to the lesson. I have found that pupils are well motivated to learn skills after watching the videos, especially if they are used as part of the lesson.

A/S & A Level Students

Our A/S and A Level students have also found the resources useful in their preparation for their observational analysis talks (OCR Syllabus). In both year 12 and 13 PE students have to watch a performance, analyse the strengths and weaknesses before creating a viable action plan to improve the major weakness. By using the resources to reinforce their knowledge of skill performance they found they were able to analyse strengths and weaknesses easier. Most of them viewed them online, from home, with some printing the stills to have hard copies for their files.

They have also been used as part of Anatomy and Physiology Lessons in A/S PE when teaching the muscles and movements. The slow motion clips provide an excellent visual aspect to teaching the muscular and skeletal systems as pupils are able to see them in action in slow motion. The ability to pause the videos at any point is also useful if you need to clarify any points.

I’d welcome feedback on the resources especially on whether teachers have found them useful and in what context


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