Video Analysis with Sportstec’s Gamebreaker

Recently my school has purchased some new performance analysis software for use in lessons and extra curricular activities. I chose Sportstec’s Gamebreaker Plus software, as used by the British & Irish Lions on their recent tour of South Africa. The software allows for matches to be coded using custom designed coding windows and provides statistical and video feedback to students. It also allows for in depth analysis using slow motion and drawing tools. The software is compatible with Mac’s only.

To allow for the most effective use of this software within a school environment, using it in conjunction with a projector displaying what is on the laptop on a board allows for large groups to observe. In my school I have initiated the implimentation of whiteboards in the changing rooms and gym, and purchased a trolley for moving a projector and laptop to these different locations so they can be used with minimal fuss! With this set up its uses are limitless. So far I have found the following to be effective use of video analysis in physical education:

  • Providing pupils with statistical feedback combined with video footage after matches
  • Providing slow motion instant replay feedback in gymnastics lessons
  • Due to its ease of use pupils at all ages can use the software, so it provides an excellent activity for non-participants (they can code activities or analyse footage)

Obviously a difficulty for many schools is getting funds for the hardware (macbook & cameras) and software (gamebreaker). There are no magical answers to these questions however use your initiative!

Check back soon to see a video of it in action


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