The Ipod in Physical Education Lessons

Visual guidance in the form of demonstrations is obviously vital in Physical Education to enable students to get a good mental picture of how skills should be performed firmly in their mind. I’ve always tried to find ways of improving the use of video within my lessons to help this, and the Ipod has helped greatly. I often find myself either connecting my Iphone to a projector to display video footage on the board in the Gym or Sportshall to a whole class. It is also useful when giving one to one feedback. For example when coaching Tripple Jump outside having an Ipod with a tripple jump video on it at the run up area where students can watch as they wait for their turn. I’ve found this helps not only in giving them a better mental picture of the skill in their mind but also it allows them to provide detailed feedback to each other. This form of peer assessment for learning is continually said to enhance pupils learning and also develop many key skills such as their communication skills.

Ideally Physical Education Departments should have a few Ipods or other mp4 players as part of their equipment store and also training for staff to use them effectively. More importantly they need to have a good library of video footage uploaded to them. These can be downloaded from youtube or custom made within school (check back to this blog soon for information on this).

From my personal experience I have found that pupils enjoy using technology within lessons, it not only provides an excellent visual aid but also enhances their motivation within lessons.


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