Making a Physical Education Website

One of the most effective initiatives I have introduced in the schools I have taught is making a Physical Education Website. I started looking into this when doing my Postgraduate Certificate in Education in 2001, a time I had more free time than now! With no prior training in Web development and having dropped IT at the age of 14 my IT skills were limited. What I did have however was a keen interest and the internet. I started using Microsoft Frontpage but have now migrated to Dreamweaver. Recently I’ve started using using some Apple software, specifically the free iLife product iWeb which is extremely easy to use. I’d advise going on a web design course however it can be done by endless google searches and hours of time as I found!! It does take a lot of time and effort.

The reason I was so keen to develop a department web site was that I could see many outstanding benefits of having a central resource base for staff, pupils, parents and the public to access. The first is its use as a base for reporting on latest news and activities such as fixtures and results. This has led to me, in combination with other staff, developing a school media team who report on events (see my article on developing a school media team). I also post video highlights, photo galleries and learning resources for key stage 3, 4 and 5 on the site allowing pupils to access work at any time and anywhere.

I’ve found that Integrating pupils into the process of developing and maintaining the website enhances their use of many key skills, particularly their IT skills.

Click here to view the Dyffryn Taf Physical Education Website


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